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Dade Discoveries

Ever been to a Dade Heritage Days event? We know, it sounds like boring museum lectures on the history of orange groves and Fidel Castro. But there is so much more! The annual event, sponsored by the Dade Heritage Trust, brings interested locals and visitors through some of the lesser-known treats and treasures tucked away around town. On Saturday you can take the Asian Culture Festival Coach Tour, and visit a Thai temple in the middle of Miami's only Amish enclave. Wait — Miami has an Amish enclave? And how did a Thai temple end up in the middle of their neighborhood? The lengthy festivities feature a zillion different things to do, with boating tours, concerts, and more.

This afternoon, local tourists are welcome to discover Coral Castle. The structure known as "America's Stonehenge" looks so cool that Billy Idol filmed his video for "Sweet Sixteen" there. Now that's an endorsement! Call 305-358-9572 or visit for a complete schedule of events.
Sun., March 4, 3 p.m.


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