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Da Da Da

Back in the Teens, the European Dadaist movement rejected logic, reason, and aesthetics as bourgeois, war-mongering concepts. Dada meant freedom from repressive norms, and the embrace of anarchy. Sort of like opposite day on a grand cultural scale: Healthy equalled sick, traditional beauty was ugly, and old-school concepts of prevailing order had to be destroyed in order to save art itself. In times of strife, artists on the edge go Dada. And tonight, a group of Miami’s hottest young creative minds are coming together to make a definitive, deliberately absurd and brilliant statement. Ladies and gents, welcome to Who’s Yer Dada: Art Meets Comedy Presents: A Fundraiser to Abolish Stupidity and Increase Intelligence, a one-night-only event that promises to stimulate thought patterns in your brain while simultaneously pleasuring your eyes and ears.

In suite 108 of the Moore Building, installations by artists Austin Horton, Bhakti Baxter, Tao Rey, and Robert Chambers will greet your gaze. There will be comedy, performance art, and live music by Jesse Jackson, Animals of the Arctic, and Pots and Pans, which will give your ears something to ring about.
Sat., April 14, 7:30 p.m.


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