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Cycle Quest

Ride a bike around South Beach, engage in ridiculous antics, and possibly win a sweet prize? Sounds like the fantasy of every Miami bike enthusiast, and it’s coming true during the second annual Bike Hunt, a wacky scavenger hunt on wheels. Beached Miami and Emerge Miami have partnered to plan an afternoon of awesome, absurd adult fun. Think showering in public fountains, cannonballing into public pools, playing ball boy at a tennis game, and engaging in other acts of ridiculousness. This is the second go-around for this crazy ride. The first went down in March 2011, and people had a blast, says Beached Miami editor Jordan Melnick. “When you send people on these missions, it gets people to explore South Beach in a new way. We tie in daring types of things, silly things, historic challenges,” Melnick says. “It’s really just about having a good time.” Teams of two can sign up to take part in the South Beach excursion. Teams will get a list of the top-secret challenges (released the day of the hunt) and will earn points by sharing photos of completed challenges via Twitter, using the hashtag #bikehunt305. So yeah, someone on each team has to have a Twitter account and a smartphone.
Sat., Nov. 10, 12:30 p.m., 2012


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