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Cyber Cupids

Hindsight may teach us valuable lessons, but that’s not much consolation when you’re bawling over an ex. If only you had the foresight to see that the apple of your eye would eventually sprout a worm, turning into a psycho, a cheater, or just a plain old jerk. While you can’t predict who will love you or leave you, The Single Guys can at least point you in the right direction. These two dating doctors have already answered 2000 love-related questions through MySpace, and tonight at 9:00 they are celebrating their two-year anniversary at Martini Bar in the Shops at Sunset Place.

There will also be a performance by Eighties freestyle group TKA. Songs like “Tears May Fall” and “Scars of Love” may strike a chord with heartbroken patrons, but The Single Guys will be there to make it all better. visit www.thesingleguys.com.
Thu., April 19, 9 p.m.

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