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Curious and Curiouser

Not only does he draw with a vengeance, but artist Santiago Rubino also has a way of manifesting an atmospheric mood that suggests he has been visited by a dark muse. His figures reflect a bygone era of remembered scenes and people -- as if conjured from the foreboding reservoir of a collective dreamscape. “Sueño,” his solo exhibit opening tonight at 7:00 at Spinello Gallery, features a suite of ornately framed drawings of eerie doe-eyed urchins who might be refugees from a Tim Burton film.

In Pandora’s Box, one of the artist’s batty-lashed nymphs wears a garter belt and stockings as she unleashes surreal mayhem. While toy animals frolic near her feet, a Spanish galleon floats on the grass and Napoleon glares imperiously from a horseless buggy nearby. “The subconscious mind can be an amazing tool in learning one's inner passions as well as one's place in the cosmos,” Rubino explains.

Adriana Farmiga’s “´Scape,” also opening at the gallery, mines notions of consumer excess as the topography for the artist’s vision of a world gone to waste. Both exhibits run through January 6. Call 305-786-271-4223, or visit
Nov. 11-Jan. 6


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