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Cup Sizes and Claws

Ever been to an adult party with a piñata? After the candy explosion, there’s a whole lot of cleaning up to do. Your friends might be loath to put their cocktails down and pick up the lollipops underfoot, because grownups just don’t have the yen for candy that little kids do. Mature appetites go bonkers for different things, like martinis, truffles, and stone crabs. The tender, sweet meat inside these crustacean claws is like candy for grownups, slathered in garlic butter for extra flavor. And if you want your fix, you’ll want to get in line early at Norman Brothers. Today marks the first day stone crabs go on sale, and there’s gonna be a line out the door.

While you’re at the beloved neighborhood gourmet grocery store, don’t forget to donate to Bucks 4 Bras, a truly unique annual Breast Cancer Month charity event. Bring in an old brassiere and a dollar, and the store will match the financial donation and hang the bra from the rafters alongside a chain of similarly misplaced undergarments. Proceeds go toward the Susan G. Komen fund, and 75 percent of the donations help local breast cancer charities.
Mon., Oct. 15, 2007


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