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Your weekends have become as mundane as your workdays. You veg on the couch, watch Meet the Press or a little Best Week Ever, shop for groceries, and somehow inevitably wind up at Target. Every. Damn. Weekend. We say routines, be gone! Today we recommend you scrape your butt off the recliner and venture out into the city for some cool cultural happenings.

We’re already looking forward to the annual Women's International Film and Arts Festival, scheduled March 28 through April 6. To whet the appetite of the cinematically erudite, the organizers are presenting film screenings at the WIFF CineArt Lounge (3606 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove). Today from 3 to 5, they’re kicking it old-school with a Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn classic, Adam’s Rib. Learn a thing or two about wit and elegance as well as enjoy exotic teas, fab hors d'oeuvres, and spirited discussion, all for $20. Call 305-653-9700, or visit If your funny bone needs tickling and you’re sick of the same ol’ humdrum, check out the Chasing Tales improv comedy show at Out of the Blue. Led by improvanista and Upright Citizens Brigade alum Carey Kane, the troupe promises to kick off your week with enough belly laughs to get you over hump day. Call 305-573-3800, or visit
Sun., Feb. 17, 2008

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