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Cry Me a River

Guess what? The only attendees to that little pity party you're throwing are gonna be you, the dart board, and a bottle of Bacardi. The stage play Issues: We All Got 'Em is coming to town, and this is one play that's going to show that you're not the only one going through some thangs.

As the play's star, and former Facts of Life child actress Kim Fields (a.k.a "Tootie" on that show) explains, "Everyone does have issues, no matter what. If you are a human being breathing on this planet, you got issues." With an ensemble cast including Vanessa Williams, Darrin Henson, and Dave Hollister, and written by acclaimed playwright Laterras R. Whitfield, these matters will be revealed through comedy, music, and mayhem. The play opens tonight at 8:00 p.m. and runs through Sunday at the James L. Knight CenteR.
March 1-4


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