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Crack Those Nuts

Miami City Ballet has entered a new era, having moved on from its founding years to a new season forged by Lourdes Lopez, only the second director of Miami’s flagship dance company. But some things do — and should — stay the same. Though it is necessary for dance companies to discover new footing and press on new borders, why mess with certain successful staples? Which is why The Nutcracker returns every season in its George Balanchine-choreographed version, which MBC has made its own in South Florida over the decades. Balanchine changed up the classical ballet, set to the instantly familiar Tchaikovsky score, noticeably by using children in the lead roles of Marie (Clara) and the Nutcracker. MCB mixes children and both student and principal dancers in its production, and the lavish costumes and spectacular set designs can’t help but appeal to the kid in all of us.
Dec. 19-24, 1, 2, 6:30 & 7:30 p.m., 2013


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