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Country-Fried Cackling

For real party people, the first days of the work week can be a big downer. Free spirits with flexible schedules can head out to Coconut Grove tonight for a celebration that swings like a Saturday. Soul Food Tuesdays at the Miami Improv attracts a star-studded crowd week after week; Trick Daddy and Miami Heat players are among those who have popped bottles at their reserved tables. “Our show is a great stepping stone for local talent to make it big. It’s not necessarily an urban or a black crowd; it’s crossed over and become more than just a night of comedy,” gushes general manager Gideon Horowitz. In addition to the comedy, the audience comes for the special menu. “We have collard greens, mac and cheese, sweet-potato fries ... you can’t get that here on any other night,” says Horowitz. The 8:00 show provides gentle giggles for pure-minded peeps, and the 10:30 show brings out the blue material for the grown folks. Admission is $12. Call 305-441-8200, or visit
Tuesdays, 2006


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