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Consider The Lobster

Florida’s two-day lobster miniseason kicks off at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, which means Sunset Tavern’s (7232 SW 59th Ave., South Miami) annual Miami Spiny Lobster Tournament is in full swing. Tournament scuba divers and snorkelers have 48 critical hours to hunt as many innocent lobsters as legally possible. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission, that’s 12 langostas per person, as long as the carapace (that’s the dorsal section of an exoskeleton) is larger than three inches. But don’t worry about endangering the 110-million-year-old species; deliciousness notwithstanding, these things reproduce more often than Ocotomom in the 2000s. In fact, female lobsters can lay several thousand eggs throughout their lifetime. Best of all, the heaviest offspring is eligible for a cash prize at Sunset Tavern’s lobster weigh-in on Friday, August 1. This year’s “Lobster King” will walk away with $500 and a sweet trophy, while second- and third-place lobsters take home $300 and $200, respectively. As usual, the restaurant will also feature happy-hour deals, a steel drum band, and lobster everything — fritters, bisque, pizza, you name it. Court dismissed; bring in the dancing lobsters.
Wed., July 30, 2014


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