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Come into the Water!

The enduring fish called shark might offer a cure for cancer (a disease they're immune to) and possess an unusual sensory system that can be appropriated for numerous human technological advances. They are beautiful and diverse creatures that include bottom-dwelling peaceniks (nurse), flyers (spinners, which leap above the surface when feeding), giants (the whale shark) -- more than 350 species. The University of Miami's Rosenstiel School is the center of significant research about sharks, and one of its scientists, Dr. Elizabeth Babcock, will describe tracking techniques being used in the Caribbean. Check out her lecture at 7:30 p.m. at the Women's Club. Admission is ten dollars; the clubhouse is at 2985 S. Bayshore Dr., Coconut Grove. Call 305-648-0899, or visit for updates and parking info.
Wed., Sept. 20


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