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Clean Your Plate

“Mmm, tasty chemicals and hormones. Just like mom used to make.” Never heard anyone say those words before? Neither have we. So shouldn’t we all be eating food tended by our own two hands as opposed to industrially processed crap? The Farm at Verde Gardens (12690 SW 280th St., Homestead), along with its counterpart, the Homestead Harvest Market, does just that. And for those of us who could use a little schooling on natural health and wellness, this nonprofit haven will host the Natural Farmers Day Festival this Saturday. The daylong fest will feature live music, children’s activities, bodywork practitioners, local sustainable food, edible plants, juicing, cooking classes, and guided walks that explore the farm’s various food ecosystems. And when your tummy rumbles, you can stop by the soon-to-open Homestead Harvest Café to nosh on a preview of its menu items made with locally grown foods. The farm itself is a collaboration between Carrfour Supportive Housing and the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, and consists of 145 formerly homeless families with disabilities now living in LEED-certified homes. Earth Learning developed the 22-acre farm and market and has worked with Carrfour to teach and train the residents usable job and business skills involving farming and the like. Teaching the economically disadvantaged to grow their own edibles: It’s a common-sense solution to a widespread problem.
Sat., July 28, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., 2012


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