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Classic Like Vlasic

Hungary is a whirlwind of iconic imagery: Olympic gymnasts and wrestlers, Ottomans (the people, not the footrest), the nation’s hilarious proximity to Turkey, and, of course, Gypsies. Formerly decked out in the bohemian dresses and ascots associated with hipsters, Gypsies now find themselves awash in Fila tracksuits, gold chains, wifebeaters, and stolen bottles of CK One cologne. Could it be that this is all Hungary has to offer us nowadays? Nay, sir. The Symphony of the Americas featuring the Remenyi Ede Chamber Orchestra begs to differ.

This Sunday, leave the tracksuit in the closet and don your Sunday best at the Miami Beach Community Church, where Tamas Kriston will direct scores by two of Hungary’s finest non-Gypsy children: Béla Bartók and Franz Liszt. If trading cards were made for composers, these dudes would be super-rare, like Ken Griffey Jr.-rookie-card rare. And if there were Gypsy trading cards, they would all have holograms on them. Why? Because Gypsies have a weakness for shiny things. (Leave the iPhone at home if you want to walk out with it.)
Sun., July 19, 3 p.m., 2009


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