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Class Reunion

MOVED TO SWEAT RECORDS. Click here for details. When Miami-bred indie band Glocca Morra decamped to Philly last summer, everyone was bummed. Bookers shook their heads in disbelief and fans cried on street corners. But no one was bummed quite like the band's high school buds. It was, as local photographer, friend of the band, and fellow Krop Senior High alumnus Hunter Savoy Jaffe said, "So sad, really."

But, hey, no more tears! Jaffe just finalized plans for Interstellar, a one-night art and music party at Adjust Gallery that'll also serve as Glocca Morra's homecoming show. There will be artiness from Jaffe and friend Reinier Gamboa, as well as a group of artists — Mark & Sylvia, Felix Thompson, Mack Creativity, Ekser, and Time-Peace — curated by non-Kropper Jason Carucci. Plus former Krop kids Ice Cream and Flower Flower will play tunes while Totally Nebular and Shit Got Weird provide extra noise. Beyond that, Jaffe says to "expect shuffling feet, eye candy, the reuniting of friends, and metal fists."
Fri., April 2, 7 p.m., 2010


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