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You might have guessed that Al Pacino is Sicilian. But Cindy Lauper? Only the good half, organizers of the Sicilian Film Festival boast. At the Miami Beach Cinematheque, the fest this year features a score of the Mediterranean jewel’s ripping celluloid and honors Franco Nero with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Surely the blue-eyed devil snagged the honor for his gritty performance in the 1966 spaghetti Western Django, in which he played a coffin-dragging gunslinger who gave a gang of Mexican bandits lead enemas in a role that would have made Rambo poop his pants.

Tonight at 7:55, the festival spools an Ellis Island romance with the Golden Door, Emanuele Crialese’s epic tale of a Sicilian widower and a mysterious English woman who become besotted while making their way from the Old World to the New. It’s followed at 10 by Alberto Sironi’s The Goldfinch and the Cat, a lurid tale in which a man trashes a hospital room after discovering his daughter is knocked up. Prego! For ticket prices and screenings, call 305-673-4567 or visit
Fri., April 11, 2008


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