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"Isn't every film festival a Jewish film festival?" That's how Uncle Bubba from the Panhandle responded when we told him the Miami Jewish Film Festival was coming to town Saturday. "Don't be an asshole," we sighed. Then we explained that the movies shown at the Miami Jewish Film Festival aren't your average Hollywood blockbusters — they address issues of Jewish culture and history. We told him that films such as Jealous of the Birds and The Boys of Terezin shed new light on the Holocaust and its effects, while movies such as Mabul and Reuniting the Rubens offer a peek at the modern Jewish experience. We pointed out that a series of musical performances and talks with film directors add depth to the screenings. There are more than 20 films in all, we argued, from dramas to students' short films. Wouldn't he like to check them out? But ol' Bubba just shook his head sadly and went back to making signs for the next Tea Party rally.

Don't be like Bubba. Catch any of the festival's films during its run through January 28.
Jan. 21-29, 2012


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