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Chocolate Shake

:In the world of Latin dance, some consider the rumba to be the most sensual, and judging by its slow underlying rhythm and seductive hip motions, we totally understand how it got that reputation. The newest spot to get your rumba on is Chocolate’s Place , named for the singularly monikered Chocolate, a percussionist who brings live music, good food, and plenty of libations to the Beach each and every night.

There are open-mike jam sessions Tuesdays and biker specials Thursdays, but Wednesdays are for the woman. Ladies’ Night sees sexy sirens of all shapes and sizes line up at the Latin-style cantina for two-for-one chocolate martinis and a guaranteed full dance card. Amid the erotic hip-shaking, savor some of the house specialty sancocho, a hearty soup seasoned with exotic spices that will add some steam to that already-hot libido.
Wed., Feb. 27, 2008


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