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Cheeky Clean

Hey, dudes. Can we tell you a secret? Most of us ladies prefer a smooth face to the mountain-man Grizzly Adams look. Of course so do razor companies. Gillette, the maker of the new Fusion five-blade face-scraper (because four blades are so passé), is looking for the new Face of Fusion to appear in an ad. Today Beth Ostrosky -- FHM advice columnist and Howard Stern’s girlfriend -- and a representative from Ford Models will be at Bayside Marketplace searching for good-looking, clean-shaven men with a confident attitude. All you have to do is show up at 11:00 a.m. and pretend to shave in front of the judges. One local winner will receive $500 and will have a chance to compete in the national contest, which will award one lucky guy a Dodge Charger and a twelve-month contract with Ford Models. Visit for details.
Fri., March 31


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