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Celluloid Chill

There’s a cool breeze of discontent cutting through the sweltering Orange, and Daleena Segui is fanning the blast. Seven months ago, the scrap-happy comedian and her boho chums started a series of Miami ArtParty events as a reaction against their disappointment with the local scene. They began organizing genre-hopping blowouts where like-minded souls could dazzle each other and fortunate outsiders who wandered in.

“It all started as a tiny get-together of artists,” Segui explains. “We were bored with the hoity-toity, full-of-crap scene. Typically at one of our events, you’ll find visual art, live music, stand-up comedy, or a DJ,” she adds. “We never pass out flyers or advertise but have begun drawing crowds of up to 100 people through word of mouth.” At 8 p.m. at the Original Literary Café, her intrepid crew launches The ArtParty Film Festival, flexing an indie lineup of flicks helmed by talented local auteurs including Gustavo Cervantes, Jordan Service, Kirkland Hyman, Samuel Lopez De Victoria, Christina Barredo, Robert J. Escandon, and Verena Faden.
Sat., May 31, 2008


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