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Can You Read My Palm?

The history of Coral Castle claims the structure boasts stones taller than the ones at Stonehenge and heavier than the ones that make up Egypt’s pyramids. And the story behind the construction of this place is as mythical as it is fantastic. There’s underage love, a man with the strength of 10, and a building so well made that not even a direct hit from Hurricane Andrew could shake it.

Edward Leedskalnin built Coral Castle alone at night, guided only by the light of a few lanterns. Since we’ve never constructed anything bigger than a breadbox, it all sounds like hocus-pocus to us. But if it was real enough to inspire Billy Idol to write a song and record a video there, we believe in magic too. Every first Saturday of the month, believers descend upon the castle for the Psychic Fair, a collection of South Florida healers, readers, and others. For just $10, you can enter the gates of this historic landmark and shop around for some spirituality. The vendors set their own prices for their services, but it’ll clearly be better than sitting at home, shaking your Magic 8-Ball.
First Saturday of every month, 2008


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