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Can You Hum a Few Bars?

After years of singing along to the radio, you thought you had a voice that would make you the next American Idol. So you went to the auditions, got shut down, and ended up on the blooper reel. Now do you believe us when we tell you it’s the acoustics that make your shower singing voice so angelic? Don’t worry -- all hope is not lost for you. Miami Latin music chanteuse and vocal coach Amparo Bellon-Champ will be at Books & Books tonight at 8 to teach a master voice class, and she says no one is a complete lost cause. “I have not met one person that’s tone deaf. What I have found is people [who] don’t hear very well, so they don’t produce the right tones,” she says. That explains the howling dogs!

Bellon-Champ will be reteaching you how to hear, pulling lessons from her bilingual instructional CDs that could turn even Idol disgrace William Hung into a shooby-dooby-doo pro. She’ll show newbies and veterans alike the basics of singing, breathing, and resonance, as well as how to break glass with your rendition of “Over the Rainbow.” Visit for more info about Bellon-Champ and her techniques. Today’s session is free.
Fri., Feb. 15, 2008


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