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Calling All Hecklers

You could hate Andrew “Dice” Clay for being one of the most controversial figures of the ’80s, or you could sit front row at the Miami Improv (3390 Mary St., Coconut Grove) this Saturday night at 8 and give him a chance to redeem himself. Dip your French fries into a mound of ketchup as he walks onstage, catch his eye when he tells the first — and undoubtedly dirty — joke, and give him a look that says, “I see the sweetness in your face.” He’ll then proceed to rip you a new one, but you’ve done your good deed for the day, so just sit back and take the lashing. The Diceman wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ever since that other Clay, now openly gay and of American Idol fame, put a decidedly more saccharine edge on the name, folks might have forgotten who the original was. The redheaded one is all smiles and show tunes, but Dice’s shtick is leather jackets and overdone obscenities. On the comeback trail, he’s doing all of the things TMZ instructs has-beens to do: Join Celebrity Apprentice, wear the same outfits from your heyday, and show up in Coconut Grove for one night only. Tickets start at $38.52, and then there’s that two-drink minimum the waitstaff won’t let you forget about. Oy!
Sat., March 7, 2009


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