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Call Wardrobe, Stat!

MC Hammer had his pants, Larry King’s got his suspenders, and back in the Eighties, Bill Cosby had his sweaters. And what glorious garments they were — like the product of a Native American poncho mating with a Seventies-era caftan during an ecstasy-fueled orgy. It might have been years since you associated The Cos with such bright boatneckery — now that he’s better known for African-American community preaching, dontcha know — but the legacy of his iconic knitwear lives on. To wit: Did you know that a single authentic Coogi sweater (Dr. Heath Huxtable’s brand of choice) costs upward of $400? Did you know that for the past four years, National Cosby Sweater Day has been celebrated January 20 (visit, and there are roaming bands of bar-hoppers that don hyper-bright outerwear for regular Cosby sweater nights? Did you know the term Cosby sweater is defined on as an incredibly grotesque sexual act involving the consumption and regurgitation of Fruity Pebbles cereal? No? Well, count your blessings.

If you’ve got $500 and a dream to actually own and wear a piece of TV history, get thee to The Forge for the once-in-a-lifetime Bill Cosby “Garage Sale” and Celebrity Performance. The enchanting Elaine Lancaster will host the auction, and proceeds will benefit the Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation and will be used to find a nationwide training program for teachers and provide thousands of books to underresourced schools in Miami. The colors of Cos may have been limitless, but seats are not: $500 is the starting ticket. Call 877-666-0663, or visit
Fri., April 25, 2008


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