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Her panties slide down her hips and fall to her rental shoes. She's a cougar, and she giggles excitedly as you hike up her skirt in a dark corner of the bowling alley. Love this ain't, but being single in February does have it perks, and this Friday night at Lucky Strike Lanes, you might just roll your way into a one-frame stand.

Sure, for most folks, Speed Bowling for Love means a one-hour fusion of quick dates, balls, wood, up to 74 other singles, a free drink, limited-edition $9 cocktails, and a pair of borrowed kicks. But for a player like you, it means locking eyes with that pretty broad wearing a Valentine's single face, catching that glint of mischief in her smile, and knowing what the lick reads when she asks you to tie her laces.
Fri., Feb. 12, 7:30 p.m., 2010


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