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Buzz Kill

Pro-wrestling promoter Vince McMahon has announced a match in which he and his son Shane will take on Shawn Michaels and his tag-team partner, God. Which God is not clear, but McMahon is on to something by going metaphysical. There is a primal and entertaining quality to brawling, but unfortunately people tend to get hurt, whether it’s wrestling (even fake wrestling), boxing, kickboxing, or ultimate fighting. Removing the human element solves that problem but raises other issues when the substitutes are chickens or pit bulls or rumble fish. The real solution: remote-control robots, as in those created by more than a thousand students from 24 states for the 2006 BattleBots IQ National Robotics Competition, taking place in Miami this weekend. This automated brand of ’bot brawling was created by Miami native Nola Garcia. The high tech competition began this past Thursday and concludes Sunday, with today’s rock ’em, sock ’em action scheduled for 9:00 a.m. at the Coconut Grove Expo Center. Support from the city, the organizers say, has facilitated free admission. Call 305-505-0699, or visit
April 27-30


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