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Buy Some Good Karma

Traditionally the only time you shop for a cause is ’cause you need a new pair of shoes, ’cause you’re depressed, or ’cause it’s Friday night and you just got paid. But at Macy’s Shop for a Cause Day, you can use your hard-earned bucks for good. MACtown, Inc. has a mission to help adults with disabilities to be independent, and today you’ll have the same opportunity.

For just five dollars, you’ll receive an all-day savings pass that gives you 20 percent off regular, sale, and clearance items all over the store, as well as 10 percent off furniture, mattresses, and rugs. So that rush you feel leaving the mall weighed down by bags will be one part shopper’s high, one part charitable cheer. This offer is good at any Macy’s store nationwide, including Macy’s Aventura, Aventura. Call 305-758-4485 for more information about the lives you’ll be touching simply by swiping your credit card.
Sat., March 1, 2008


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