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Bust Out Your Naruto Costume

YTMNDGuy: Hey dude. What R U up 2 this weekend? Chewy_baka69: I dunno. I’ll prolly play some WoW – I want to get my blood elf paladin up to level 70. YTMNDGuy: LOL. No, we R going 2 the Florida SuperCon. Chewy_baka69: Why would I do that? I didn’t plan on showering this weekend. YTMNDGuy: Dude, Peelander-Z is going 2 B there. Chewy_baka69: WTF is that? YTMNDGuy: LMFAO! They R a Japanese punk band that dresses like superheroes. LOL. They R like GWAR but way cooler. Chewy_baka69: OK, so a cool band. What else? YTMNDGuy: The dude from the Police Academy movies. Chewy_baka69: The one who does all the sounds? Michael Winslow? YTMNDGuy: Ya LOL. He did the voices for this movie called Ninjas v. Pirates and they R showing it at the Con. And the producer of the Batman movies -- I think he is making a movie there 2. Chewy_baka69: Holy shit, I did hear about that. He’s filming a documentary about silver and golden age comic books at the show. YTMNDGuy: So U R coming now? Chewy_baka69: Yeah! But I need to ask my girlfriend first. YTMNDGuy: LMFAO U R whipped! Chewy_baka69: Why do I hang out with you again? Round up the gang and head to the Fort Lauderdale Marriot Friday, June 22, through today for a full weekend of comic legends, short films, otaku parties, cosplay contests, and videogame-punk bands. Tickets cost $25. Call 954-882-2950, or for a complete list of events and appearances, visit
June 22-24


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