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When you’re walking around Miami, it can be difficult to tear your eyes away from the ocean, the beautiful people, and the bucketloads of weirdness waiting around the corner. But if you peel your gaze from that dancing homeless man offering kisses for five bucks, you’ll notice the impressive architecture and character built into the Magic City. Sponsored by the Miami Design Preservation League, Art Deco Weekend celebrates the city’s golden era, with plentiful walking tours and events to educate and entertain participants. In addition to the official Art Deco Walking Tour on Ocean Drive, this year the organization offers tours focused on Mediterranean revival and Miami modern architecture. Each tour highlights the unique structure and inspiration behind some of Miami’s most storied sights. On top of all this visual stimuli, Art Deco Weekend features the adorably named Arf Deco dog parade, music and film festivals, a fashion show, and games such as Decopoly for guests to play. New to the 37th-annual celebration is the Antique Experience, where purveyors and Original Miami Beach Antique Show will exhibit vintage objects, clothing, and furniture.
Jan. 17-19, 2014


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