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Buena Vista

Beautiful vistas and panoramic scenery have long inspired the visual arts. But what happens when, to quote Joni Mitchell, they pave paradise and put up a parking lot? “Contemporary Landscapes,” a new exhibit at Bakehouse Art Complex, examines current depictions of the pastoral, particularly those achieved through technology.

Curator Nina Johnson, director of nearby Gallery Diet, handpicked three artists for the show. Samantha Salzinger photographs handmade miniature landscapes and then tweaks the transparencies. The result is diorama-like images of terrain that appear both natural and plastic. And Julia Hectman’s video and photographs focus on not our alienation from nature but the serenity in finding wide-open spaces. Last, the exhibit also includes Richard Höglund, whose drawings evoke the ever-changing scenery outside a car window.
May 17-26, 2010


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