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Bring Your Triangle

Good TV shows air Sunday nights because people tend to stay home then. Music clubs consider Sunday a dead night. Smart club bosses – you can count trumpet master Arturo Sandoval among them – simply turn their venues over to open mikes or jam sessions. This can work out well for club owners, if not necessarily for clubgoers. After all, amateurs tend to play amateur nights. Except jazz is different, and for that matter, so is the Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club.

Because the total number of people who really know jazz is approximately seven, some clubs put anyone who owns an instrument on their stages. Sandoval’s joint don’t play that: A consistent lineup of America’s top players rolls in. And with the Andrew Fisher Trio hosting the ongoing Sunday Jazz Jam, you can expect an experience far exceeding another night of television. To enjoy the jams, pay ten bucks, and have a seat. To play, show up with your instrument.
Sundays, 2007


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