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Bring On the Dancing Horses

From the Horse’s Mouth sounds like an eat-your-broccoli piece -- a compendium of dancers holding forth on the history of dance in 90 pirouettes or fewer. But there is dessert here, in the sublime forms of diverse, dizzyingly good dancers. A few notables: sexy and soulful flamenco artist Clarita Filgueiras, who wields deep and unflinching power; accomplished modern dancer Elana Lanczi, who imbues her choreography with fragility, specificity, and a latticework of emotion; African dancer Petagay Letren, who brings passion and honor to movement and activism; ballet master David Palmer, a gorgeously fluid dancer whose astonishing versatility even extends, ruefully, to his name. (He has the dubious serendipity of sharing a moniker with both Jethro Tull’s keyboardist – pre-sex change -- and Dennis Haysbert’s erstwhile character on 24.) Andrea Seidel also joins in, having made a career of channeling the doyenne of modern American dance, Isadora Duncan (she of the flinty, bold brushstrokes and the lethal scarves). But Seidel tempers the extravagance with her own perfectly tuned body and studied precision.
Sat., May 20, 8:30 p.m.


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