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Bring on da Noise

Flash back to Churchill’s Hideaway last February: The stench of excitement permeates the fetid club air. Half of it can be attributed to the unwashed stink of road-trip; the other half, the sweaty energy pouring off the musicians. Dozens of geeks slink about with unkempt hair, terrible posture, and disintegrating instruments. One group performs under a parachute while another wrestles with what appear to be jerry-rigged toys. Bang! Bang! Bang! The turnover between artists is faster than any machine gunfire that ever tore through the streets of Miami, and the sound is often less graceful. It’s the International Noise Conference. Once again, experimental musicians from near and far are invading Churchill’s to share their diverse interpretations of that bastard style wrenched from the gonads of free jazz, punk, industrial, and electronica. One rule: no laptops or mixer boards. For the weak of ear there will be rock and roll on the back patio. Hear the squeal tonight (beginning at 10:30) through Saturday, February 18. Admission is free. Call 305-757-1807, or visit for a complete schedule.
Feb. 16-18


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