Break the Habit

Addiction’s a bitch. Just ask the trollops walking Miami’s blighted streets. Crack has them trapped in a nasty lifestyle. There is, however, an alternative for those looking for a mistress with a more discerning addiction. Coco’s Habit at Coco De Ville isn’t exactly Betty Ford, but the small lounge at the Gansevoort Miami Beach brings together-admitted nightlife addicts and provides them with a case of the shakes courtesy of resident DJs Troy Kurtz and Pirate Stereo. But not any low-life can get past the ropes. You better look top drawer if you expect to be admitted. There really isn’t a cover, but you’ll be coerced into buying bottles if all you bring is a bunch of dudes. Doors open at 11:30 p.m. every Thursday, but things don’t start getting weird until well past midnight.
Thursdays, 2011

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