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Bowl with Zo

If we throw a ball down the aisle in our office, it would be called harassment. But if you do it this Thursday night at Lucky Strike Lanes during the fourth annual Zo’s “King Pin” Classic, you’ll be doing it for a good cause. You can rustle up a group of nine of your closest friends and register your team for $5,000, fly down the lane solo for $500, or cough up $100 just to have your face in the place. All proceeds benefit the Honey Shine Mentoring Program, an offshoot of Alonzo Mourning Charities and a program that strives to empower young women.

Strikes, spares, and gutter balls will be thrown in the name of fun and bragging rights — but with all the pro athletes in the house, the games can get a little intense. “It’s a fun way to give back and have a little fun at the same time. But it does become very competitive, and the players really get into it and want to win,” says Zo’s wife Tracy Mourning. Last year, Star Jones and her now-ex-hubby Al Reynolds held down a raucous lane in the corner while Dwyane “Flash” Wade did a little showboating for the crowd near the center of the room. See for yourself who comes out this year. The games begin at 6:30 p.m. and last until 10:30.
Thu., Jan. 22, 2009


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