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Born To Run

A 1967 Mustang Fastback with Forgiato Ito wheels screeches around a downtown corner and cuts north onto Biscayne Boulevard. The driver takes a quick look in his rearview. There are five cop cars all screaming red and blue, so he mashes the gas down to the floor of his performance vehicle and takes off screaming at 100 miles an hour. The cops aren’t chasing him, though; they’re escorting the whip back to the Miami Beach Convention Center (1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach) for Forgiatofest, where the best wheels and rims in the game meet the flyest rides. So even if you don’t wake up in a new Bugatti, for a $30 entrance fee, you can take a picture in one and say you did. Freddie Gibbs, Brianna Perry, and Ace Hood will perform live, and there will be contests, raffles, and giveaways too.
Sat., April 6, 2013


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