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Book Clubs Are Not Dead

The joy of being entertained by the morbid yet humorous lives of undertakers and the funeral industry has not died with Six Feet Under; in fact it existed long before Alan Ball was even born. The Loved One, a satire by Evelyn Waugh that frequently makes “The Top 100 Novels of the Twentieth Century” lists, doesn’t stop with poking fun at the funeral industry and an embalmer named Mr. Joyboy; it kindly includes the film industry and British expatriates as targets. The Loved One is this month’s selection of the Wolf Book Club, which meets tonight at 7:00 at the Wolfsonian. The book club is free, though participants are expected to have read the selection and toured the “Art and Design in the Modern Age” exhibit. The fun continues next week (September 8) when the Wolfsonian will be screening the 1965 film The Loved One, starring Jonathan Winters and Rod Steiger, to kick off the new Ciné-Book Club series. Admission is free for members and students, ten dollars for all others. Call 305-535-2632, or e-mail to RSVP.
Fri., Sept. 1; Fri., Sept. 8


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