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Bon Appetit for Cheap

Your wallet is telling you to eat in. Your savings account is begging you to break out the Tupperware and bring your lunch to work instead of ordering that $8 ham and cheese sandwich. But your belly is clamoring for something elegant and skillfully prepared, so feed it, Seymour. Only leave your checkbook at home and learn how to throw down for your fam. Bloomingdale's Main Course Kitchen is constantly teaching hungry locals how to cook everything from empanadas to cupcakes, and today they're enlisting the help of Executive Chef Kurtis Jantz of the Trump International Beach Resort for the first installment of the Hotel Chef Series. Jantz will bring his “Food is Art” concept to the masses and show how to create innovative cuisine using fresh produce and Michelin-worthy plating. Spices, colors and flavors will be paired with a variety of wines which will be paired with your new knowledge of chic cuisine. Bon appetit!
Sat., March 28, 1 p.m., 2009


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