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Blue-Eyed Soul

With a name like Black Blondie on the bill, you'd be forgiven for expecting a female-fronted New Wave band with Afrobeat influences. Though the mostly female Minneapolis band was named for the brash Debbie Harry, it sounds more like Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and Adele. Black Blondie plays dark neo-soul, and it's a pleasant change to hear the style coming from someone other than a coked-out British train wreck with a beehive.

Singer Samahra Daly channels the low moans of Etta James, while keyboardist Tasha Baron and bass player Liz Draper provide swervy riffs and melodies. Their guitarless sound swings from new-age bluesy to alternative R&B — often in the same measure. And songs such as “Marla Singer” and “Mockingbird” are not pop tunes, but musical compositions, perhaps an unavoidable side effect of all the ladies being classically trained. Black Blondie is touring in support of its Do You Remember Who You Wanted to Be? album, released last year.
Fri., May 21, 11 p.m., 2010


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