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Bless the Beasts

For years, avaricious carnivores have mocked vegetarians and animal lovers as a bunch of know-it-all pansies. Well, wouldn’t you know it — those pansies were right. Now even the United Nations is recommending one meat-free day a week to combat greenhouse gases and stave off climate change. Kind of makes the whole Wendy’s “meatatarian” ad campaign sound pretty ignorant, huh? If animal cruelty bothers you to the core, stand up and be counted at the Farm Sanctuary's Walk for Farm Animals. Miami will join more than 50 North American cities in supporting rescue, education, and advocacy efforts for the critters people consume. Show up at the South Beach Whole Foods/Wild Oats Natural Marketplace at 4 p.m. to register. The walk begins in the cool evening at 5 and will culminate with vegan food and a live musical performance by Here II Here. Participation costs $15 in advance, $20 on walk day. You can register by clicking or calling local coordinators at 305-887-2877. Visit

Before doing the right thing for barnyard beasts, you can also give thanks for the fuzzball you share your home and heart with at the sixth annual Pet Blessing service at St. John's on the Lake United Methodist Church (4760 Pine Tree Dr., Miami Beach). To celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi, well-behaved pets are welcome to receive a splash of holy water and enjoy a special “yappy hour” held lakeside after the service. Blessings begin at 11 a.m. Get there early, before the llama takes up the whole back row. Call 305-531-7166.
Sun., Oct. 5, 2008


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