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Bleep Asians Say

The premise of new TBS sitcom Sullivan & Son could be the beginning of a bad bar joke. “So there’s this Asian guy, right? And his dad is Irish, but his mom is Korean. They own this bar, and this Asian guy leaves his job as a lawyer to run the bar. But then...” High jinks ensue. David Byrne, co-creator and star, has been seen everywhere: The Tonight Show, Conan, his own comedy specials, and even in feature films such as The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard and Couples Retreat. That last film featured one of the show’s executive producers, Vince Vaughn. And the partnership between Vaughn and Byrne has saved Sullivan & Sons from the standard cheesy-sitcom curse by diving head-first into completely inappropriate humor. Think of it as an update of Margaret Cho’s ’90s sitcom All-American Girl: hard-hitting jokes lurking behind the heavy accent of a wacky Asian mother. Byrne, accompanied by costars Ahmed Ahmed, Owen Benjamin, and Roy Wood Jr., brings Sullivan & Son to the Miami Improv stage (3390 Mary St., Miami) this Thursday through Sunday.
Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 2012


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