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Blaze One for Old Times

The King Mango Strut began in 1982 when a marching band of kazoo-rocking, conch-shell-blowing Dade County representers got denied access to the Orange Bowl Parade and decided to start their own damn party. Coconut Grove was a little different back then — full of longhaired unemployed hippies. They grew up, became stockbrokers, and now take their kids to celebrate the antiestablishment tradition. It’s a family event, but rest assured the spirit of the Strut remains the same.

Parade-goers lampoon the most notable events of the past year. Expect heavy political humor and Sarah Palin look-alikes. Local blog the Coconut Grove Grapevine reports rumored disputes between festival organizers and city officials. They’re supposedly trying to wrap a beautiful, free-spirited event in red tape and choke the life out of it. But if you stand for free speech, freedom of expression, good times and making fun of bad people; if you believe in the basic tenets of democracy, comedy and the American way; if you stand for beer and pizza and that sticky-icky crippie, good times outdoors, and laughing it up, you need to be there or be square. The strut begins at 2 p.m. at the corner of Commodore Plaza and Main Highway in Coconut Grove. Visit for all the crazy details.
Sun., Dec. 28, 2008


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