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Bizarre Boudoir

Imagine a tiny room stuffed with half-naked female mannequins, stain-resistant fake antique furniture, and hot-pink drapes. There's a red-haired devil girl splattered in black paint, a blonde angel with gold dripped over her nippleless breasts, and a blue Hindu goddess staring with cool, clouded eyes into another dimension. It's all vaguely disturbing, and it sorta looks like a Japanese businessman's anime fetish closet, but it's just the weird, arty world of "Nikangel's Plastic Temptation."

Running through February 26 at the Wallflower Gallery, the installation and photo exhibit by Angelica Belin — wife of People from Venus's Ben Belin — floats somewhere between art and a dirty glam wet dream. Somewhat appropriately, the local artist and MFA student cites the Brothers Quay, Jane's Addiction, and David Bowie as influences. Belin should add pop artist Allen Jones's naked-lady coffee tables to that list.
Jan. 14-Feb. 26, 2010


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