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Bikes, Booze, and Tattoos

Looking for a party where the dress code is greasy jeans and a bloodstained tee? Seeking someplace you can let your inner juvenile delinquent skank away the night while wasted on moonshine and black beauties? Well, call off the crusade, because Stop, Drop ’n’ Roll — a cover-free rockabilly bash with serious punk edge — is the spot the rough and dirty class has made its own personal playground.

Every Thursday at 10 p.m., a mob of bearded gearheads, inked-up burlesque babes, and shaved-skull Oi! boys descends on the Electric Pickle with dangerously mixed intentions. Guest DJs will drop weird and wild wax (i.e., Johnny Cash, the Troggs, and King Khan), while live acts, such as past performers Diablo Dimes and Celine & the Hellbillies, light up the cabaret stage. And with three-dollar bottles of Red Stripe, there’s likely to be dirty dancing followed by messy make-outs in the restrooms. But really, can a party be called a party without spilling beer and swapping spit?
Thu., July 16, 10 p.m., 2009


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