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Bigger Is Better

Hair got so boring once the Eighties ended. Everyone threw out the Aqua Net and put away the crimping iron. Relive those days of excess and get your tease on at the second annual Big Wig Costume Ball and Silent Auction.

“It’s a blast! Some people really tease their own hair, and you get all of these fantastic Marie Antoinette styles. There are some fabulous drag queens that show up, and everyone looks wonderful and has a great time,” says Mario Betto, hairstylist and founder of Hairstylists for Humanity, an awesome organization that performs a vital function in the community. “We provide free beauty services to the homeless, the terminally ill.... We go to battered women’s shelters and senior homes,” says Betto. Tonight’s fundraising fete will take place at the Leiser Opera Center. Karina Iglesias will provide live entertainment while well-coiffed guests dance the night away and enjoy an open bar and a sumptuous feast. There is no specific theme for the costume ball; guests are invited to be creative. “Wear whatever you want; just come out and be fabulous! I just want to allow people to express themselves,” says Betto. Tickets cost $75. Call 1-866-468-7630, or visit Visit to sneak a peek at the loot up for grabs.
Sat., Oct. 21


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