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Bigger, Blacker, Funnier

Chris Rock tackles stand-up comedy like it’s a full-contact sport. He paces the stage like he’s ready to box, but the only punches he throws are verbal knockouts. And after he caged his irrepressible comedic energies into neatly adorable big-screen packages -- the dude in I Think I Love My Wife is a mere fraction of the funny that Rock actually is -- we know he’s ready to come out swinging tonight at the Seminole Hard Rock.

Rock’s about to rock another HBO special -- his fifth -- and heaven knows between Britney Spears and election season, he’s got more than enough new material. From all reports, he’s been keeping his claws sharp on his six-month tour. “Britney Spears, boy. Even O.J. kept his kids, and he killed their mother,” he’s quoted as saying onstage at Madison Square Garden this year. If you’re worried Rock (who recently outed himself as a Barack Obama supporter on Saturday Night Live) might go after your candidate of choice, wear a cup and come prepared to laugh regardless while Rock brings the pain.
Mon., Feb. 11, 2008


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