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Big Bad O

What’s that? A movie about female orgasms, you say? Zit-faced teenage boys are clambering for tickets right now. Only thing is, Orgasm, Inc.: The Strange Science of Female Pleasure is better suited for a women’s studies crowd than a pack of horny adolescents. The documentary takes a funny and smart look at the way pharmaceutical companies are attempting to find a Viagra-type drug to “cure” female sexual dysfunction — a sad gal’s inability to achieve a big O. The film is the brainchild of director Liz Canner, who first learned of the pharmaceutical industry’s obsession with rapture when she was hired to edit erotic videos used during drug trials. The more she dug for a pill-induced orgasm, the more she began to suspect big, bad legal drug dealers were taking advantage of women and putting their lives at risk to rake in some bucks. It’s not called la petite mort for nothing. Orgasm Inc. opens on Saturday.
Feb. 19-24, 7 p.m., 2011


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