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Better Than Church

Santa’s Enchanted Forest. If you can read those three words without hearing the annual carnival-cum-Christmas-extravaganza’s catchy theme song in your head, you’re clearly not from around here. The explosion of holiday kitsch marked its 31st year when it opened this past Halloween. And even if you’ve been to Santa’s Enchanted Forest a million times before, you’ve gotta go again, because subjecting yourself and your loved ones to its festive grotesquerie is a holiday tradition. Just think: You can ride the crowd favorite Crazy Mouse, scale Santa’s Climbing Wall, and hang tight to the (Christmas?) bull. You can eat your fill of carnival food and buy a blinking Santa hat. And you can watch carnies ride in the Motorcycle Globe of Death. ’Tis the season!
Dec. 25-Jan. 5, 2013


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