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Bend Over

The promise of spiritual enlightenment and a more relaxed state of mind wasn’t enough to woo you to a life of toting a foamy yoga mat under your arm three times a week. And when your yogi buddy said you’d have a stronger, leaner, more toned body if you would just commit, you told her that she would have a sweeter, happier friend if she would just shut the hell up. Obviously, the yoga advocates in your life haven’t been speaking your language, but we know exactly how to persuade your ass to get into a pretzel position. Better sex, anyone?

The stretching, increased flexibility, and even the discipline required to do yoga will put the ooh in your half-moon pose. Now that you have a newfound interest in your Om, join Crunch’s Yogapalooza for an outdoor class that mixes vinyasa yoga and a live performance from tunesters Ishmael & Co. It’ll be a virtual meat market of flexible folks, so grab yourself a free Smart Water and get your yoga on! The class takes place from 10 a.m. to noon at Flamingo Park.
Sat., Sept. 27, 10 a.m.-noon, 2008


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