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We’ve enjoyed many a trip on the various forms of Miami-Dade public transportation. Well, enjoyed might be too strong a word. Endured, perhaps? While the city buses are usually packed with hardworking people who are just trying to get where they need to be, there’s also a healthy percentage of stare-a-lot weirdos, pungently scented close-sitters, and erratic pole-lickers (a performance we wish we’d never witnessed). The only bus we’re really excited about these days is the Pantina/Crystal Light Beauty Bus, which will be parked at the Bayside Marketplace from May 24 to 27.

On board there will be a passel of Pantina and Crystal Light representatives, who will be handing out fabulous drink and makeup samples. Makeup artists will touch you up with some of Pantina’s awesome beauty products, including the fusion pot glosses; the multitasking book, which comes with hot summer lip, cheek, and eye shades; and the brow whiz double-ended wand to tame your fuzzy caterpillars. Next stop, Prettyville. Population: You.
May 24-27


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